Sunday, May 27, 2007

return from sabbatical

After a spell, a long spell, I'm back. Enough said without saying anything about the absence. 'Cept I've been on the road a lot since that last post. Since this is supposed (I thought) to be about small town living, I didn't have much to say. Since January I've been to Texas twice (driving both ways), Mexico (Copper Canyon, wow!) and Abilene, Kansas (more interesting than you'd think), plus Atlanta a couple of times. Now we're hitting the road for 3 weeks in Texas again tomorrow.

It occurs to me that since I'm not living much in this little town, I can't write much about it, but I can share being on the road--oh Jack, oh Jack where are you?

I'll be putting post up from along the way, fresh and frisky from the sabbatical.

It's good to be back.