Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Can't wait

January is still with us, but some just can't wait for spring. Here in Southwest Georgia, even the trees can't wait. We may be due a frost tonight, but the frilly flowering peach has put on her spring dress, while the Japanese magnolia buds are full and full of promise.

Spring comes early here, but not too soon for me!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Ways of love

Ways of love. Sometimes when we’ve been married if not forever for a very long time we forget—but then remember.
We had a beautiful day on Saturday. I decided, partly because of the luscious day and partly because I was writing about it, to go down to the park on the Flint River and walk along the nature trail. I told Bob who was deep in a history book my plans—walk, groceries, see you later—put on my walking shoes and headed out about 4:30. (At 67, Bob is studying for his history Ph.D. comprehensive exams. Never too late!)
A lovely walk. The path, it’s more than a trail, stretches 3.2 miles (3.7 if you do a figure 8, the runner I’d interviewed told me) with several variations for the less hardy. I’m looking for 2 miles. I studied the map and found if I came in at the parking at the midpoint, I could take a perfect walk. I headed down the path kicking pine straw (that’s what we call it in South Georgia) and scaring squirrels by stomping on acorns. I encountered a few walkers, one runner and a fisherman by the pond, otherwise the world was mine.
I found the middle parking lot. Looked like it was right in the park where the kids play summer ball. I kept walking ‘til I figured I’d done my 2 miles. When I got back to the car, I chatted with the runner a few minutes. He (in shorts) didn’t like the wind in the 40 plus temperature. I (in a sweatshirt, hat and gloves) told him if he’d grown up in the Texas Panhandle, he’d love the wind.
“I like trees,” he replied. “They break the wind.”
I hopped in the car and went to find the parking lot and the trail. I couldn’t. I found a couple of parking lots, some baseball fields—no entrance to the trail. I walked all the way around the ballpark hunting. I was in the wrong place. But I’d never been down here, or not in a long time, so I went by and saw the new animal shelter and the water treatment plant. Must have taken longer than I thought.
My Wal-Mart list stretched on. Business cards for the Story Circle conference, vitamins, a notebook of a very special size and food for a week.
It was nearing 7 and dark when I shoved the last bag into the back of the Jeep parked on the edge of the W-M parking lot. I heard a car, I looked up. Bob’s Sebring convertible was nose-to-nose with the Jeep. He hopped out.
“Looking for me?”
“It’s dark; you’ve been gone a long time.”
“You going in?” A silly question. I led the way home.
Bob brought in more than Wal-Mart bags. He had the big torch.
“The flashlight was for your body—down on that trail. I didn’t even know where you were! If you hadn’t been at Wal-Mart, I was going to hunt.”
Words of love in our sixties! Next time, I’ll take the cell phone.

Here's a picture of the view out my kitchen door. Georgia is lovely. Next time, I'll take the camera to the nature walk.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Winter Bloomer

South Georgia winters are mild, but usually cold enough to put the summer flowers down for a nap. This morning as we pulled out of the drive, a raggle-taggle daisy waved at me from the front flower bed.
It takes more than a few frosts to keep a daisy down! No wonder it's my favorite flower. Perfect for today, too.
I haven't posted lately. Yesterday I posted a comment to my friend Cathy, and then again this morning to Susan Albert's Lifescapes. I thought to myself that it's funny I have time and thoughts for comments but not to post to my own blog.
Susan commented that one of the benefits of blogging is that we learn new skills and keep our edges sharp. Reason enough!
Like my daisy--I'm back. Back with the resolution to post at least two times a week. Once in the distant past, I wrote to my mother twice a week. Decades later I have a precious life record. No reason not to do it again.
Next I learn to post a picture.
Would you look at that? I just did!