Sunday, February 28, 2010

Welcome, Year of the Tiger

Here's a lovely close to the celebration of the New Year of the Tiger. The Houston-style Chinese banquet benefiting the Gee Family Scholarship was great fun. A huge amount of food, good company and one heck of a dragon dance, which an only slightly out of focus Trilla and Bob enjoyed greatly. Bob especially since he's a Tiger. Click those chopsticks to a bright and fine New Year!

Monday, February 22, 2010

It's been a long, long time!

It’s George Washington’s birthday! My mother always baked a cherry pie and delivered it to the supper table with vanilla ice cream and a lecture on telling the truth. “Always the best policy,” she declaimed.
Here’s my February 22, 2010 truth. I’ve been gone from this blog a long, long time, and on about half of those many intervening days, I’ve told myself tomorrow, or maybe next week. Today, I thought Now!
So, a quick 21 months and few days update. Ginger is gentled. Heck, Ginger is a housecat par excellence! Here he is gazing out the Houston living room window and posing for his Valentine portrait.
Houston? Yes! I say “Houston!” For we now are for the most part (still have the house in Georgia) far from the glories of southern Georgia small town living, and in the heart of the exciting city I’ve felt was my home from the time I first visited in 1965 right through my long (20 plus years) sojourn away. We call a leased house in Montrose (the artsy, eclectic fun part of the city) home.
Thanks to my friend Linda who revved up her first blog yesterday—check her out here, . I realize it’s time to get back. Ginger agrees.

And enjoy a view of Houston February glory--although it may snow a little tomorrow night.