Thursday, September 14, 2006


Fog gauzes my vision encasing me in solitude. There is no dawn, yet light does come. I am not alone. Sister Spider emerges from grayness, my neighbor and my friend.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Ahh! Success

Ahhh! This time it worked. I've posted the pictures I couldn't get up on Friday. The cluttered bed shows the chaos I got into when I decided to clean the closet and take all my usable extras to the Swap-o-rama in Tallahassee. It was worth the mess and effort. I brought my big box, plus some garments on hangers just as others were arriving. We sorted the clothes--tops, pants, dresses, etc. In a big adjacent room, volunteers had lined up sewing machines, cutting tables and craft centers. It was wonderful. I dropped by at the end of the day, almost all of the clothes had gone to a new home. It was great to wake up on Sunday morning thinking about some of my old friends going to church or out to lunch all spiffed with their new owners. Check the links in my last post if you want to learn more about this super concept of helping each other.

The woodpecker is a frequent guest just outside my kitchen door. Right now the salvia and bottlebrush are loaded with hummingbirds filling up for their trips south. It's great to be outside right now!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Swapping around

I am a natural packrat. I hate cleaning and getting rid of, but at the same time, I love giving things away. You can image that my closet presents a real dilemma.
In 1997 we added on to our old country bungalow in part to get a big-enough closet. Were we ever success! It’s so big that in nine years, I’ve barely cleaned it. I just keep hanging things up and meaning to get to it. Of course, I’ve lost track of lots of things I love.
The closet has been looming on my mind, but the packrat part of me was winning. I say that my closet is my scrapbook—“Oh, look! I remember the night I wore this!” “Yes, that went to the open house.”
Last Saturday I saw a notice in the “Apalachee Tortoise,” a Tallahassee community newspaper, announcing a clothing swaparama. Instead of just donating clothes to who-knows-what-end, come and trade. They are going to have volunteers giving a workshop on rejuvenating old clothes—your own or someone else’s.
This was just the kick-started I needed. Monday morning I lit into the closet. Thought it would take about an hour. Ha! But I finished. Bob got in on the act. Now we have a clean and mostly empty closet. Need I add, that I found some old friends who are staying?
Now the back of the Cherokee is loaded with our usable but extra clothes. I’m ready to roll south for the trade. I’m hoping I’ll leave off and not take more on, but you never can tell.
Here the link to the Tallahassee swap .
This is one with more general information about Swap-o-ramas all over the country .

And here’ a reason I love the country town part of our life—a recent visitor at my back door.
Oh, dear. It's supposed to be a picture of a woodpecker, but blogger (or my computer) is not cooperating. I'll try to post it later.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Making ourselves at home

We’re getting used to our new weekend place in Tallahassee. Last week we celebrated our anniversary and hit some art galleries. This Friday we’ll go to a History Department party, a clothing exchange (more about that maybe tomorrow--it sounds like fun), and a Neil Simon play at the Little Theatre on Saturday.
Marti made a comment on the Pied a Tally entry suggesting that I wave a sage wand in our new “home” so that it will be filled with “good, loving experiences.” I looked down in one of the galleries and there it was a sage wand. Thanks, for the good advice, Marti.
We are falling into a routine. No matter what home I’m in, I’m an early riser. We take a couple of miles or so walk around the lovely Florida State Campus as soon as it’s light. Most of the students are still sleeping in. One of my favorite spots is this fountain in Landis Green in front of the library (of course, my favorite building). Later in the day, it will be filled with real students frolicking. About as often as not, someone will toss in a good squirt of liquid detergent. That’s why these make-believe students are enjoying a bubble bath.
After we’ve walked briskly we stop at our place and pick up Frank-the-dog who is getting old for these brisk walks. The three of us stroll down to the all-night All Saints’ Coffee House to enjoy the newspaper, coffee and a refreshing bowl of water.
The good life. (It’s not a muzzle on Frank, but a “Gentle Leader” that keeps him from tugging and saves my back. I recommend it.)