Thursday, August 26, 2010

August haiku

Early, very early, this morning when I stepped out to get the morning Houston Chronicle, I stopped, and stepped back inside to fetch the camera. The almost full moon in the before dawn western sky, soft, cool (for Houston in August) breeze let me know. Haiku time.

Slowly clouds puff past

Breezes float in silent air

Soft moon’s morning glow

Sunday, August 22, 2010

City Kitty

City Kitty

If you look back at some of the early entries of this blog you’ll see a fairly scraggly, definitely wild feral cat with a taste for squirrel transform himself (with a little help from his friends) in to the Gentle Ginger we have today. He did not lose his taste for the outdoors though. Not until we came to Houston. Of course, Ginger packed his kitty bags and made the move with us. We live on a busy street and outdoors is no place for a cat. Took a while, but the versatile Ginger has made the transition, he’s now a fine city kitty.

He hasn’t lost his taste for the outdoors, but now he’s willing just to watch from inside. That is from inside the blinds and up against the window.

Of course, getting there is half the fun.