Saturday, December 23, 2006

Oh what fun it is

Fun and busy, that’s been December—a some time preceding it. I’ve been working with some great folks at The Bainbridge Post-Searchlight put some of my columns about the great folks of Southwest Georgia into a book.
We got it done!
Now is the real fun!
Last Thursday night was Downtown Christmas in Bainbridge. We all took a step back in time to the days when we met our neighbors on the Square to visit and to shop together. The weather was mellow and so were we.
Especially over in the “Book Nook” where Jim and Faye had great refreshments and lots of folks dropped by to share some memories as I signed my book, Stirring up memories all the times.
What made me smile the most was when the families who have generously shared their stories with me came by to pick up copies for the children and grandchildren.
If you’d like to share the fun of life in years gone by in Southwest Georgia, you can visit the Book Nook online and drop Jim an e-mail. He’ll be happy to send you the book.

If you’d rather contact The Post-Searchlight or me. The links are on this page. One way or the other, I’ll make sure you get a copy. Let me know how you like it!
Later today, we hit the road along with so much of America. The granddog (he's been spending his Christmas holidays with us and his favorite cat), Dotty-the-cat, the gifts, the wonderful smoked pork butt I bought from the FFA at the high school, a poinsettia or two, Bob and--will there be room for me? will head north to Atlanta. We're putting a new twist on Christmas Eve. We're looking for Santa at a Falcons game! Going to be more fun!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Harvesting and sowing

The first day of winter. A year ago I watched the season in England as I welcomed my new granddaughter. Today I am home in South Georgia enjoying a mild December. We’ve had a touch of frost—enough to take away the summer annuals, but the camellias continue to flourish as does our kumquat crop.
When I grew up in Amarillo, kumquats were a Christmas treat. Santa always left them—just a few piled into a pint strawberry basket with a few dried up leaves. What a joy to have a tree full to share with our friends.
I love to harvest them on the first day of winter. Then I plant poppy seeds that will burst in to bloom in May. What a treat—harvesting and sowing on the first day to grow long. The poppy seeds enjoy extra luck this year! Within five minutes of the time they entered the ground a soft and gentle rain began. That's a rose in bloom at my feet! A good way to spend the opening day of the season.

Back home

Lost. Been so long since I’ve posted that I feel like this little lost puppy. She showed up outside my study door in the late afternoon. She was all dressed up for Christmas; she had to belong to someone, but she surely wanted to stay at our house.
The next morning, the puppy was at the door. Bob made a sign to let passersby know we had a lost puppy. With the help of a friend she was now temporarily named Noel. No owner called but the newspaper publisher did. He asked for a picture—Noel made the front page of the webpage. We took her to the Animal Shelter (with the proviso that we’d find her a home if the owner didn’t appear). The owner did. Noel is home for Christmas.
And I am glad to be back here!