Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sarah comes to our neighborhood

Ahhh! Just home from a walk the not quite mile and a half down to Borders where we gawked the crowd standing in line to get Sarah Palin’s autograph. Very docile bunch of folks. Not nearly the crowd we hear about at the neighborhood Barnes and Noble for Dubya, but then, he’s a local boy—sort of. There were plenty of cops and more than plenty media trucks. Much ado about. . .

Funny, W. and Sarah both making stops within a couple of miles of our house, and neither one of them dropped by for coffee. Dang it!

On the way home we walked by our “club.” But even for these two old Texans 11 a.m. is a bit early for a brew. We did pick up a couple of tacos from the Taco Caliente wagon for lunch. Never too early for one of their tacos!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ginger the Magnificent

It’s the week to be thankful. I’m giving it a try.

Three years ago Thanksgiving Day, I got soft hearted and fed the feral cat that had been hanging around for almost a year. He’d put up with a diet of squirrel (I found the leavings) and Bob taking shots, never hitting him, with the BB gun. He wouldn’t go away. He wanted to be our cat. (You can read about him in some of this blogs "Gentling Ginger" but beware the dates are messed up; he came to us in 2007.)

One little pile of cat food. A “here Kittie, Kittie, Kittie,” and now who’s First Cat (and only cat—Dollie moved in with Bainbridge friends and lives the life of luxury) around here?

King Ginger! Ginger the Magnificent!

And I’m mighty thankful for that tenderhearted moment! I think Ginger is as well!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

'Morning glory

‘Morning Glory! We had a glorious start to the next-to-the-last month. Isn’t it (or is it?) surprising how many things we can find to do outside on a day like this? Our morning included a pleasant walk through the neighborhood, the rewarding experience of taking the pedestrian bridge across I59—getting to look down and watch all the cars zipping their drivers to ‘something important’ while we enjoyed the sun and soft air.

Wasn’t just folks enjoying the day. These morning glories greeted us from a yard along the way. The yellow posies waved hello in the breeze. Wish I knew their names.

Today is different, it's raining. Better to stay home! I know it's election day, but I voted early--staying home is fine.

Morning rain, cars race

Everyone going somewhere

I'm glad I'm home.